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Dedicated to Providing the Best for Less

Welcome to    GLOVERK, where we envision the healthy and a happy globe. Our goal is to make “Health, Affordable for All” and we endeavour to accomplish it, but one step at a time. We are the Dutch company registered with Dutch Chamber of Commerce and operate from the heart of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. We hold strong knowledge of European regulations, and help our client stay ahead with changing regulations and market.

We are young and emergent company specialised in Medical device and Pharmaceutical regulatory services. With our strong knowledge of regulatory requirements and efficient team we are breaking the cost barrier very efficiently, bringing affordable services to end users. We are situated in the heart of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, a highly connected city to the rest of the Europe via air, road and train transport. We take pride in providing highest quality yet affordable service to our clients. Our clientele includes start-ups, scale-ups and medium size businesses in the European Union and Asia. 

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